An award-winning Sudoku game that's packed with features

Every day play a Sudoku at your difficulty level and submit your time to see how you compare with other players worldwide.

Sudoku Of The Day contains its own puzzle generator, so it can create literally billions of puzzles for you to play at a difficulty of your choice. Or enter a puzzle you've found in a newspaper of magazine and get help to solve it.

Use manual or automatic pencilmarks, plus smart hints that help you learn and improve without just giving the answer; and hold & highlight which shows specific numbers or pencilmarks

Learn more at our dedicated Sudoku Of The Day website.

Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon Appstore
Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon Appstore

Reviews of Sudoku Of The Day for iOS and Android

I first bought this game for my HP ipaq many years ago and still play it every day. When I bought my iPad I was surprised to see the same game by the same company and downloaded it right away. It works the best of all other sudoku games I have played. I especially like the double row of numbers for picking the final number or picking potential selections if I'm not sure yet. This app works great. Trust me, I've been playing this game electronically for years. Thanks astraware for continuing this game for the iPad.

This is the Sudoku I judge all others to see if they are as great as this one. Been playing this one a few years and every time I check other new ones in the play store, I always end up deleting them and going back to this one. Also quick response when asking questions from the support. Love love love this one

I have enjoyed printed copies of Daily Sudoku for a few years. Now I enjoy using the options which enhance the experience while still remaining true to the nature of this mind game, especially the pencil marks and the hints, if needed. Several leveled puzzles are available everyday, making this app handy for travel.