Put your deductive skills to the test - no arithmetic!

Can you find the one way to fit all the interlocking numbers together on the grid?

Also known as number fill or number fit, each puzzle gives you an empty grid and a list of numbers. Each number fits in just one place in the grid and it is up to you to figure out where.

You get free unlimited access to play four new Daily puzzles each day – compete on the global leaderboard! For more of a challenge there is a free Weekender puzzle available each weekend with a bigger grid, perfect for solving leisurely on Saturday or Sunday morning, or even on Friday afternoon!

Continue playing with our Anytime Puzzle streams - these aren't limited to any particular day so you can play through them at your own speed! Want to play offline? 60+ puzzles are included in various sizes and difficulties, and you can buy extra puzzle packs to keep on your device and play anytime!

Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon Appstore
Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon Appstore

Reviews of Number Cross for iOS and Android

Astraware Number Cross puts a number spin on an old favorite, word cross or acrostic puzzles. If you like having fun with numbers, this might be the puzzle app for you. Timed efforts are compared with those fans who put up their scores. I really enjoy this game as it helps me keep numbers straight in my thinking. Hope you like it as well.

Good time killer and keeps your brain active.... Some are easy but they're balanced with some a bit trickier AND you aren't bombarded with a million ads after every puzzle! Also like the colour difference between length of numbers, that really helps and it's so nice to play so well done team!

This is a great game. I love the challenge of time as well as having to figure out which numbers might have to be played first